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2016 IIHF world championship IIA Jaca/Spain

2016 April 09-15

At Jaca there met the teams of last year's competition Belgium, Iceland, Serbia and Spain with the Dutch, who hab been relegated last season, and China, who had been promoted the season before.

We saw a lot of interesting games. As allways there were three game a day, and as normally the games at noon had only little attendence which grew till the end of the day up to 950-1200, when host Spain had their games in the evening. Some of the teams had some problems in the beginning of the tournament to find into the game, as the most didn't have any tests before. Others got the problems towards the end. Most team hab some players left at home (being injured or still with their local teams in playoffs) or they just had a new coach, who nominated some other players.

The Dutch played a good championship, only missed 1 point out of 15. It was in the game against the host, when Spain led 2:0 till 53. min – but Holland could find a way within a powerplay to tie the game in the last minutes and score the winning goal during the overtime. And there was only one hugh victory – it was the 9:0 from NED vs. China, when Raphaël Joly scored the first one only 8 sec. in the game and Julian van Lijden had a wonderful hattrick during the 2nd period. Erik Tummers recieved the avard of being best defenseman of the WK.

Team Espaňa became better and better during the tournament; their goaltender being from the local team Jaca was celebrated a lot and aplause for eached puck he cought. He (Ander Alcaine) also became best keeper of the tournament. Spain endet up with the silver medal.

the winning team of the WKthe winning team of the WKThird became team Belgium. This was a realistic place and ained to in advance. But of course the players were a bit disappointed for they had had silver last year and this time a too big loss against the Dutch in the final game. They had 3 victorys in the first games, missing 2 points. Belgium's Ben van den Bogaert got the prize for the best forward of the tournament, while Maxime Pellegrims made it best Belgium player.

Serbia made good games but in contrast to Belgium they were not rewarded with a victory during the first 3 games. It was the match vs. Iceland, when they made a kind of miracle happen: after the first periode the game was 3-nothing for Iceland, but in the second Serbia scored 4 goales to turn the score and won in the end 6-3. That was the foundation for the 4th place in the end – 1 point too little for a medal. Keeper Arsenije Rankovic was named best player of team Serbia.

Team Iceland went home disappointed, as they endet up on the 5th place, just as they did the year before at their „own“ tournament at Reykjavik. They only could win against the last team China, who were relegated immediately after their promotion from last year. Emil Alengård was nominated for best player of Iceland.

All in all it was a good tournament, good organisation, nice location.

Wish you all a pleasant summertime!

Here you can follow to the pictures for each game – enjoy!

BEL-ISL ==> https://cloud.web.de/ngcloud/external?locale=de&guestToken=m25xNgimRG-xU__jyfdVWg&loginName=micha7462

SRB-NED ==> https://cloud.web.de/ngcloud/external?locale=de&guestToken=bYAAhoZTQ36_eXU8m313Jw&loginName=micha7462

BEL-SRB ==> https://cloud.web.de/ngcloud/external?locale=de&guestToken=tkfVMSGkQlm2qC9bSVtf7w&loginName=micha7462

ISL-CHN ==> https://cloud.web.de/ngcloud/external?locale=de&guestToken=ozVFT3SXQoaLmOqWnqe1jg&loginName=micha7462

NED-ISL ==> https://cloud.web.de/ngcloud/external?locale=de&guestToken=9ArHmgj_Q5a5FaKWNCt_8g&loginName=micha7462

BEL-CHN ==> https://cloud.web.de/ngcloud/external?locale=de&guestToken=Mp3RQhqQS_CQICScanIncQ&loginName=micha7462

SRB-ESP ==> https://cloud.web.de/ngcloud/external?locale=de&guestToken=OlxkMg4RQL2p0Nfe19px3A&loginName=micha7462

CHN-NED ==> https://cloud.web.de/ngcloud/external?locale=de&guestToken=w4BL3ZP1TTi1jXsWbGPSvQ&loginName=micha7462

ISL-SRB ==> https://cloud.web.de/ngcloud/external?locale=de&guestToken=FDrrK4uWTEeCGy_KyG1GdQ&loginName=micha7462

ESP-BEL ==> https://cloud.web.de/ngcloud/external?locale=de&guestToken=jc_4N9f1SJmn_dXp045DlQ&loginName=micha7462

SRB-CHN ==> https://cloud.web.de/ngcloud/external?locale=de&guestToken=LcbN2DwrRuKOtwg34bCHzg&loginName=micha7462

NED-BEL ==> https://cloud.web.de/ngcloud/external?locale=de&guestToken=pB-qNJjcTp61X-W9t8v9jA&loginName=micha7462

ESP-ISL (with Medal-Ceremony) ==> https://cloud.web.de/ngcloud/external?locale=de&guestToken=6btVAqT5Sm-EaonBdKrrzQ&loginName=micha7462